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Who can use e-Test?

As an educational tool, e-Test helps teachers create self-grading quizzes, assign them to students, assess their performance and analyze results. As a training tool, e-Test enables organizations to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes securely for certification, regulatory compliance and successful learning outcomes.

e-Test allows businesses, governmental organizations, academic institutions, awarding/accreditation bodies, trainers, educators and testing professionals to deploy a broad range of assessment solutions including:

Diagnostic Assessments
Tests that assess knowledge, skills, behaviors, understandings and/or attitudes to identify and remediate gaps:
  • Pre-course tests
  • Placement tests
  • Self-diagnostic tools

Formative Assessments
Tests that strengthen memory recall by practice, correct misconceptions and instill confidence:
  • Quizzes during learning
  • Benchmark assessments
  • Practice and self-tests
  • On-going assessment

Summative Assessments
Tests and exams used to measure or certify knowledge, skills, abilities and aptitudes:
  • Internal knowledge/certification exams
  • Open certification tests/exams
  • Pre-employment screening assessments
  • Post-course tests
  • Entrance and licensing exams
  • Pre-employment skills tests

Reaction assessments that gather, measure and analyze information and/or opinions:
  • Level 1 surveys / Course evaluations
  • Employee attitude / Opinion surveys
  • Customer/Partner satisfaction surveys
  • Needs analysis surveys
  • Job task analysis surveys
  • Conformance/Compliance surveys