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e-Zone International Pvt. Ltd.

New Baneshwor, Opposite of BICC West Gate No.2
GPO Box No. 1213,
Kathmandu, Nepal



977-1-4483088, 4494072


Features of e-Test
  1. Create tests with hundreds, even thousands, of questions.
  2. Chance of question leak is zero
  3. Calendar based exam with fast result process and no duplication of questions
  4. Question shuffling for each student
  5. Show the time progress during the examination
  6. Extra time if problem occurred during the exam in system
  7. Award custom passing certificates
  8. Student answers storage along with score
Security Features
  1. Prevents users from printing or copying questions
  2. Prevents users from typing in their own URLs
  3. Prevents users from starting unauthorized applications
  4. Prevents users from going backwards to a previous page
  5. Prevents users from exiting from the exam session (even accidentally)
  6. Prevents users from using Virtual Machines
  7. Does not provide menu options or icons
  8. Disables control keys (for example, ALT+TAB)
  9. Disables right-click menu options
  10. Always displays in full screen and it’s not possible to maximize or minimize
  11. All communication is SSL secured via HTTPS, so that it cannot be intercepted
  12. Is very easy to use, it just requires the assessment PIN
  13. Can be used with touch-screens too
  14. Can be customized with your own logo
  15. Quitting the application can be password-protected
  16. Automatically logoff or shutdown the PC after taking an assessment